Freshly ground organic free trade coffee is par for the course at Workspace6. It’s a small gesture, but we do what we can.

For the serious coffee drinker we have 2 for Joy and Vinnie’s around the corner.


Sometimes you just need your own space, to stack up your inventory, work intensely with others, or sit about in your underwear drinking vodka. We don’t judge.

Workspace6 has four private offices, ranging in size from petit to grand. Each one is furnished and fitted out with all the mod cons.

Now Available

For the first time in a while we have a private office available. It is 12 square metres and fits three people comfortably, making it perfect for a startup or creative team. If you’d like to try it on, drop us a line.


Table tennis is the oil that lubricates the modern working world. Great ideas are born at the pong table.

At workspace6 we’ve got more tables than your local youth club. We’re also home to the pong network – a sporadic social network built around late-night pong and beer.

The Neighborhood

We are the biggest space in the renowned Tussen de Bogen complex, nestled in the picturesque Jordaan on the west side of centrum.

We’ve got lots of creative neighbours that range from stone masons and carpenters to architects and agencies. We like to have them over for a barbecue when we can.

Meeting Room

Everyone needs a quiet spot to impress clients before taking them to the bank. At workspace6 we call it the meeting room.

Free to All Members

The Workspace6 meeting room is available to all community members at no charge.

The meeting room comes complete with a beamer and flip chart so you can share your brilliant ideas and write down new ones.

It is currently undergoing a complete redesign and will soon feature Japanese-inspired wood panelling and decore.

The Beer

At the end of the day nothing clears the mind and calms the soul like a cold refreshing beer.

We are proud to stock an assortment of beer from the lovely people at De Prael micro brewery. It’s really nice beer and like us, it’s independent.